Programme of the City and Science Biennial 2021

The Biennial brings you a wide range of activities where you can reflect on scientific knowledge to face the challenges of this century: debates, talks and round tables that are combined with forms of artistic expression such as poetry, music and film.

This Biennial culminates with the 14th edition of the Science Festival, with many more proposals in which you can experiment, observe, investigate and experience science in first person, in the company of the scientists involved.

Remember: all activities require registration, so look for the ones that interest you and enjoy the Biennial!

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  • Explore the Sounds of the Sea
  • Sensory Journey near the Sea with the Best Sensor: your Nose
  • Some Very Lively Neighbours
  • The Big Fish Eats the Little Fish, but... what Does the Little one Eat?
  • Sustainable Architecture: a Journey through Time
  • The Regional Coastline: from Montjuic to the Three Chimneys
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