Programme of the City and Science Biennial 2021

The Biennial brings you a wide range of activities where you can reflect on scientific knowledge to face the challenges of this century: debates, talks and round tables that are combined with forms of artistic expression such as poetry, music and film.

This Biennial culminates with the 14th edition of the Science Festival, with many more proposals in which you can experiment, observe, investigate and experience science in first person, in the company of the scientists involved.

Remember: all activities require registration, so look for the ones that interest you and enjoy the Biennial!

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  • Cineforum - Elysium
  • The Lottery as a Solution to the Climate Crisis?
  • Exoplanets, Searching for other Worlds
  • Computing against Climate Change
  • Life on Other Worlds: Mars, Venus and Science Fiction
  • Shaping our Future
  • Science, Art and Complexity: the Game of the Possible
  • Digital Twins in Cities: a Virtual Replica of Urban Networks
  • Now We Make Botifarra with Beans
  • Values in Artificial Intelligence
  • AmodiBCN: Barcelona Between Love and Hate
  • Cineforum - Moon
  • La DesCivilización (The UnCivilisation)
  • Responsible Use of Data to Address COVID-19
  • Companion Species
  • Robots, Experts or Neighbors to Replace Who Represents Us?
  • Feeding Barcelona. City, Supply and Health
  • Ageing in Health and Disease
  • Swing in the Market!
  • Rethinking Death and Aging
  • Research and Integrity
  • Art and Science Projects and Processes in the Mar Menor
  • Transhumanism
  • Matilda in the Kitchen
  • COVID-19 and Daily Life
  • Pulses, the Best Snack in the World, in the Market of Fort Pienc
  • The Night - Caught by Surprise
  • The Night - Frankenstein 2.0
  • Cineforum - The Thirteenth Floor
  • The Night - UPCArts in Practice: the Proposals on Stage
  • The Night - Pecha Kucha Express: Art, Science, Technology
  • The Night - Biometric Patterns: Knowing your Age with Artificial Intelligence
  • The Night - Artificial Intelligence on the Internet
  • The Night - AmodiBCN Poetic Findings
  • The Night - Bioarchaeology in el Born
  • The Night - Concert (actually, neuroscience)
  • Cineforum - El Cost de la Fruita (The Cost of Fruit)
  • The Night - Live Coding
  • New Contexts and Formats of Dissemination in Art, Science, Technology and Society
  • Can Limits Be Placed on Technology?
  • Technology, Agriculture and Digitalization
  • Fake News in Pandemic
  • Research Evenings - Cycles of Life
  • Uterine Transplantation: Clinical and Ethical Aspects
  • Public Health, Policy and Care
  • Hybridising art, science and technology: beyond disciplinary boundaries?
  • Portraits from the Mountain to the Sea - Debate
  • Is artificial intelligence more subjective than human intelligence?
  • Where Are the Data?
  • Pulses, the Best Snack in the World, in the Market of Sants
  • Agora - Meeting of Schools and Women Scientists about Exoplanets and Space
  • Cineforum - Rise of the Planet of the Apes
  • Cineforum - Los últimos de la Mejana, rebeldía y esperanza
  • Science in Question
  • Research Evenings - Sustainable Mobility and Public Space
  • Public Policies in the Face of COVID-19: Diversity and Results
  • Social Inequalities and Nutrition: the Case of Obesity
  • Neurotechnology: Illuminating Mind and Disease
  • The Limits of a Single Planet
  • Science as Culture
  • Citizen Reactions to Anti-COVID-19 Policies
  • Synthetic Biology and Engineering to Generate Living Systems
  • Drawing the Keys to Healthy and Sustainable Food
  • The Limits of the Possible: Art and Science Research
  • 100tífiques 4.0
  • Food, Pleasure and Wellbeing in Old Age
  • Cineforum - Fantastic Voyage
  • Research Evenings - Climate Emergence and Production Models
  • Planetary boundaries and food
  • Malnutrition in a Food Wasteful Society
  • The Science of Inequality
  • STEAM Practices: Breaking Barriers or Creating New Ones?
  • Gut Microbiome and the Earth's Microbiome
  • Organic Food
  • Scientific Progress, what Is It?
  • City and Game, Rethinking Public Space with Minecraft
  • Agora - Meeting of Schools and Women Scientists about Food
  • Cineforum - Brainstorm Project
  • Aquest país no descobert que no deixa tornar de les seves fronteres cap dels seus viatgers
  • Identities and Genders in Video Games
  • Viruses: Friends or Foes?
  • Research Evenings - Social Welfare and Sustainable Food
  • Human Genetics: Challenges and Limits
  • COVID-19 and Food Systems: a Required Debate
  • Science and Life (Conversations and People)
  • A Respectful Attitude ergo a Sustainable Ocean
  • Serious Games: Politics and Social Action
  • Will COVID-19 Change our Political Life?
  • Challenging a Time of Disasters: Arts and Social Sciences
  • Agora - Meeting of Schools and Women Scientists about COVID-19
  • Arts at CERN: when Arts and Particle Physics Collide
  • Portraits from the mountain to the sea - Exhibition
  • Reset Mar Menor - Laboratory of imaginaries for a landscape in crisis

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