Re-energising after the pause

Reactivar-se després de la pausa

A world paralysed by the pandemic

The coronavirus has disrupted our lives and highlighted the importance of science in dealing with an unprecedented health emergency. The universe of viruses and their spread have been present at the Biennale and here you can find the videos of some of the outstanding sessions.

Scientific knowledge has been key in this global pandemic. Without it, it would not have been possible to obtain vaccines or receive the necessary advice to take containment measures. Moreover, from the scientific point of view, it has also been possible to analyse and evaluate the impact of the virus from different dimensions: social, political, environmental and economic. All these aspects have been the protagonists of the City and Science Biennial. 

Whether you attended live or not, you can now watch the videos of the different activities, such as Shaping our Future, with Ernesto Kahan, delegate at the reception of the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo for International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, which highlights how with solidarity and global cooperation we can overcome the obstacles we are facing in these difficult times.