Six days of open and participatory science

Destacat presentació Biennal Ciutat i Ciència

The limits of knowledge

The pandemic context of the Biennial is reflected in the design of the program. Not only because of the spaces where it will take place, almost all of them with previous reservation and outdoors, but mainly because of the content that defines it. In this edition, a key concept inspires all the activities: the idea of limits. Limits understood in a very broad sense that have served as the coordinates for the Biennial's cross-cutting themes.

In this context, many of the activities of this Biennial revolve around the limits of the planet, of society and of science itself, and raise the consequences that crossing them can have on people, humanity and the environment. Disciplines such as bioengineering or regenerative medicine, and issues that mark the frontiers of current science have direct implications on these limits and are the subject of debate in activities such as the round table Human genetics: challenges and limits, with Insoo Hyun, Josef Martin Penninger, Annelien Bredenoord, Lluís Montoliu and Marc Güell (moderator), or the dialogue The science of inequality, with Sam Bowles, Carles Lalueza-Fox and Gemma Marfany (moderator).

Likewise, this Biennial will question the current food system from all its dimensions such as biological, social, environmental or economic, on the occasion that this year Barcelona is World Capital of Sustainable Food. In this context, for example, we will be able to listen to the conversation Matilda in the kitchen, between Carme Ruscalleda and Susana Narotzky, moderated by Toni Massanés, or the debate Technology, agriculture and digitalization, with Guillermo Palau, Marga Mediavilla, Jeromo Aguado and Erik Hobbenlink (moderator).