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City and Science Biennial, from 21 to 26 February 2023

The third edition of the City and Science Biennial is coming to Barcelona, this year focusing on the fact of living. To approach it from multiple perspectives, the Biennial brings you a wide-ranging programme that you will be able to discover from 9 February on this website. The programme will also be presented at an event that you will be able to follow live on this website. Don't miss it!

From 21 to 26 February in Barcelona

This year, the Biennial will be simultaneously celebrated in the city of Madrid.


A Biennial for living

The third edition of the City and Science Biennial will explore the fact of living: on the planet, in the city, the life of human beings in general and of the scientific community in particular.

This Biennial invites you to reflect on the relationship of our species with the natural, human and digital environment from different perspectives: adaptation to change, the balance of nature, the conditions of equality, creativity, the complexity of the world and research, among many other points of view.