AI, rights and democracy | WTF, artificial intelligence? Risks and powers

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Concepció Arenal, 165

Thu 23 Feb · 18:00 - 19:30
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Artificial intelligence (AI) is very present in our daily lives: social networks, recommended content, personalised advertising or navigation systems are some of its applications. But not only this. AI-based technology also operates and determines applications for mortgages or social benefits.

While artificial intelligence improves efficiency and productivity in complex and repetitive tasks, or can even improve the accuracy and speed of medical diagnoses, it also raises a lot of questions and challenges. What do we know about this technology? Why do some organisations prefer to refer to it as "automated decision systems"? What is its historical background? What does it mean to reduce complex realities to systems of categories and data banks, in order to apply automated decision systems? What are the main potentialities, and the main biases, of artificial intelligence?

In the first session of the Artificial Intelligence, Rights and Democracy series, Carlos Castillo (Pompeu Fabra University) and Maria Vanrell (Autonomous University of Barcelona) will address these questions and provide basic notions about the functioning, applications and ethical debates of this technology. The cycle continues with:

  •  Session 2: AI, public policies and discriminations.
  •  Session 3: AI, communication and journalism
  •  Session 4: AI, platforms and work

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