The Night - Utopia and Slavery

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Carme, 47, 08001 Barcelona

Sat 25 Feb · 20:30
Sat 25 Feb · 21:30
Sat 25 Feb · 22:30
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Utopia and Slavery (a piece for choir of 25 mechanical voices) is a voice-based action, but without any live performance, as the whole development is based on the reproduction of recorded voices through various cassette players.

The action aims to be a dissection of today's digital world: to address the idea that the digital economy and the new forms of the so-called collaborative economy have turned people first into clients and then into users, stripped of collective and individual rights beyond the dynamics of consumption. We have quickly forgotten the utopia that the Internet represented in the beginning, to become people at the service of the digital era.

Limited seating, 25-minute screenings. 

Artistic information

  • Texts: Eduard Escoffet, except for fragments by Marshall McLuhan and Byung-Chul Han.
  • Recording and editing: Pablo Miranda.
  • Additional sound: Pablo Volt.
  • Costumes: Josep Abril.

Action produced by La Capella within the framework of BCN Producció 2022. Recorded and edited at Laisla Estudio (La Floresta) in September 2022. Conceived in 2022 between Barcelona, Berlin, Lanzarote and Helsinki.

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City and Science Biennial
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