A Biennial for living

For six days, the City and Science Biennial invites you to reflect on the fact that we live in a time full of challenges of all kinds and on all scales, and on how to address, from a scientific perspective, the crises to which we are exposed today.

The Biennial will focus on the science that observes the relationships of our species with the natural, human and digital environment. It will offer an active and proactive vision of that science that promotes relationships, coexistence and brings us closer together. That which encourages participation and opens the door to greater citizen involvement.

Cities, where most of the population lives today, will appear as the preferred scenario, with the tensions and contradictions that this entails, and with the science that should allow us to resolve them, connecting diverse fields of knowledge, such as social, environmental and health sciences. The vital message of this Biennial will also be present in activities where people working in universities and research centres will share what it means to live doing science. And the arts will also allow you to discover living science in innovative formats and from different perspectives.

This Biennial brings you a lot of proposals to live today's accelerated changes, to live in dignified and equal conditions, to live creativity, complexity, research and its processes, all from science and knowledge. Experience the City and Science Biennial!



Also in Madrid