Cristina Sáez Torres

Science and health journalist

She is a journalist specialising in science, health and the environment. She writes regularly for La Vanguardia, the public science news agency SINCi and the European reference platform on intestinal health She is currently a contributor to the programme El món a Rac1, as well as to National Geographic, Metrópolis, the CCCBLab blog, Método. She is co-author of La ciència de la microbiota. Alimenta els teus bacteris intestinals i cuida de la teva salut cuinant (Cúpula, 2022). She was a scriptwriter for the TVE programme Redes, directed by Eduard Punset.

Throughout her career, she has received several awards, such as the Boehringer Ingelheim prize for medical journalism and the Concha García Campoy health journalism prize.

Cristina Sáez Torres

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