Javier Borge Holthoefer

UOC researcher in complex urban systems

Since 2016, he has led the Complex Systems group at the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute of the Open University of Catalonia (IN3-UOC). With a PhD in Computer Science, his research has explored a variety of topics, ranging from social networks to mutualistic systems in ecology. The key to this interdisciplinary effort lies in a solid theoretical background, a long period of training in computer science, and a heterogeneous background in humanities and philosophy prior to a scientific career.

Among others, he develops lines of research on urban challenges with an interdisciplinary spirit and methodological diversity - at the intersection between complexity science, data science, artificial intelligence and urbanism - with a special focus on walkability and active mobility problems. His research has been disseminated internationally, with more than forty interventions in international conferences and centres such as the University of Cambridge or UNICEF headquarters in New York, among others.

Javier Borge Holthoefer

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