Nora Salas

Psychologist and psychotherapist

Psychologist, psychotherapist and Master in Social Anthropology (Brunel University, UK). She has extensive experience in social and community intervention projects for the prevention of maternal and child health, as well as in clinical psychology as a psychotherapist. As a social researcher, she has coordinated and participated in international social intervention and cooperation projects on gender, identity, mental health, childhood and adolescents, interculturality and migratory movements, working with various communities in Europe and Africa.

Passionate about the inner world of people, mental health, a holistic understanding of health and the social, cultural and gender aspects that affect the way we live in the world, at Science for Change he is responsible for area health. Recently, she has led the women's health pilot on endometriosis in the framework of the European TRANSFORM project, involving people with endometriosis first-hand in improving health services and public policy. Nora has also been involved as a social researcher in citizen science projects such as D-NOSES and STEP CHANGE. She also acts as a human resources and emotional care manager: implementing an innovative emotional care programme on the science for change team.

Nora Salas

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