Pau de Nut

Musician, singer, composer, actor and puppeteer

He has been touring for more than fifteen years with Conciertoencanto, a show of his own creation that mixes his facets as a singer, actor and cellist, presented, among other venues, at the Corral de Comedias in Alcalá de Henares. In addition to collaborating with other theatre companies such as TeatrodeCERCA, he has performed under the direction of Joaquín Hinojosa in the show Voces póstumas, produced by Teatro de la Abadía, with Tonino Guitián in La Doña, and with Ghetto 13|26 in Se prohibe mirar el césped (Estación Norte TAC Award, Valladolid, 2014), Carcoma en la silla, Bodas de sangre and La vida es sueño.

He has composed the soundtrack for Aleteo, which he performs live, as well as for the show Cocorico, both by the company Katua&Galea. He directed Mi relación con la comida by Angélica Liddell, with whom he collaborated in La casa de la fuerza (Sebastià Gasch Award, 2011 and National Prize for Dramatic Literature, 2012). In September 2017 he published El zorro que perdió la memoria, the soundtrack for the play of the same title by Baychimo Teatro, performed a cappella from beginning to end. His latest shows are Se t'annodi, se ti snodi: la Libertad, a partir d’un madrigal de Monteverdi and Lo Indestructible, a work based on texts by Pascal Quignard, Angélica Liddell and Ángela Figuera, as well as his own particular and somewhat rogue musical version of L'Odisea d'Homer.

Pau de Nut

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