Xavi Bou

Visual artist

His most celebrated project, Ornitographies, was launched in 2015. The fact that it showed the beauty of nature in a way that had never been seen before guaranteed it a great reception right from the start: after being exhibited in numerous exhibitions around the world and widely disseminated in prestigious international publications, this year it is embodied in a book of the same name published by Lynx Edicions.

The ornithographs reveal what escapes human perception: the invisible trace that birds leave in the sky when they fly. In the words of the author, "It is a balance between art and science: a project of naturalistic discovery and, at the same time, an exercise in visual poetry".

Bou is currently working on initiatives that explore other resources, such as video, and other subjects of study, such as insects. Therefore, the raw material of his work continues to be nature, and the challenge is to show it in an innovative way.

Xavi Bou
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