Six days to explore the fact of living

From 21 to 26 February, science will once again take to the streets. The third edition of the City and Science Biennial invites us to reflect from multiple disciplines and points of view on the fact of living, and as a novelty it does so simultaneously in Barcelona and Madrid. The Barcelona programme has been curated by Helen Cole, Josep Perelló and Lluís Nacenta, and in Madrid, by Elea Giménez Toledo and José Manuel Sánchez Ron. In addition to the Biennial's own activities, there are also those of the +Biennial. In total, this edition brings together 120 activities (73 in Barcelona and 47 in Madrid) and more than 260 participants (200 and 62 in the respective cities).

This Biennial explores the relationship between our species and the natural, human and digital environment from different perspectives: adaptation to change, the balance of nature, conditions of equality, creativity, the complexity of the world, research and the very processes of science... Numerous aspects that place our species in the enormous network that makes up life on Earth and that will be addressed from all scientific disciplines, including social ones, and reflecting on their impact on all scales.

The activities of this year's Biennial take place in ten venues located in the Ciutat Vella district, specifically in the Raval neighbourhood. In addition, as in other editions, the Biennial's own activities are joined by those of the +Biennial, organised by local municipal facilities, cultural centres and other entities and institutions that contribute every day to bringing scientific knowledge and reflection to the public, and which will extend the reach of the event to other districts of the city.

The City and Science Biennial is a project promoted by Barcelona City Council through Barcelona Science and Universities, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sport in the framework of the Cultural and Scientific Capital of Barcelona. This edition of the Biennial is being held simultaneously in Barcelona and Madrid with the collaboration of the Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid and the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT). The celebration of the City and Science Biennial is part of the objectives of the Barcelona Science Plan 2020-2023.

Explore the programme of the third City & Science Biennial, and live it!