Biopics and science experienced in the first person - Space exploration and 'Hidden figures'

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Dialogue with film

Montalegre, 5, 08001 Barcelona

Fri 24 Feb · 21:00 - 23:30
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The practice of the field of research, explained from the experience of people of recognised prestige and great trajectory, begins three great conversations. The effort, passion and difficulties in their careers and their main findings will be combined with three biopics that also want to transmit the strong interweaving between life and research work, following three major themes: the exploration of the universe, the abstraction of mathematics and artificial intelligence and robotics.

This session will deal with research into space. This field undergoes exhaustive exploration through programmes such as GAIA or Hypathia developed by very large teams from many universities and through agencies such as ESA or NASA. Two local women researchers will share their experiences in programmes such as these and will give their views on the role played by the women researchers involved. After the conversation, the biopic Hidden figures will be screened, which tells the story of the African-American women's team and their key role in the early years of NASA's space programme.

The activity will begin with a colloquium followed by a screening of the film.

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