Ariadna Farrés

Mathematician, Astrodynamics specialist and crew member of the Hypatia-1 simulated mission

She is a specialist in astrodynamics at the Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) and holds a PhD in Applied Mathematics from the University of Barcelona (UB) since 2009, where she studied the dynamics and orbital control of solar sails in the Terra-Sol system. Between 2010 and 2017 she made several postdoctoral stays where she collaborated with experts in the fields of celestial mechanics and optimal control for low propulsion satellites.

He is currently working in the flight centre at NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre with the flight dynamics and mission design team on projects such as the Space Weather Follow On (SWFO) and Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope (RST), two telescopes that will go to the L1 and L2 Lagrange points, respectively. It is also part of the Hypatia-I crew that will perform a simulated mission at the Mars Desert Research Center analogue station during April 2023.

Ariadna Farrés

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