The women of the Bauhaus School

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Carrer de Saragossa, 29, 08006 Barcelona
Wed 15 Feb · 18:30 - 20:00
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It has not been easy, it has taken years, decades and centuries to get women admitted to official higher education, to be able to obtain a degree and to be able to become professionals. We know the names of some pioneers, individual cases that succeeded, but it was even more difficult to achieve normality as a group.

Marianne Brandt and Gunta Stolzl died forty years ago. They were pupils and later creators and teachers at the Bauhaus school, along with Lily Reich and other women. All these women architects, designers and craftswomen found it hard to get where they wanted to go, but when they did, in the 20th century, the history of culture forgot them in the following years and their memory was blurred to very fine lines, or even confused their mark for the benefit of other male creators. Now is the time for them to come to light again in all their splendour!

Led by Sílvia Puig, art historian.

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