Ada Parellada


Daughter of the Fonda Europa in Granollers, a place with more than 250 years of history. In 1993 she began her solo culinary adventure by opening Semproniana, a restaurant in the Barcelona's Eixample district. 

He has written around twenty recipe books and even a novel, Sal de vainilla (Vanilla Salt). She has collaborated in several media, transmitting the need to recover the culinary habits at home. She has also given numerous talks and cooking workshops, including a long task dedicated to food education for families with children. In 2021 she curated an exhibition on the question Why do we eat the way we eat? at the Museum of Natural Sciences of Granollers.

She is very active in the fight against food wastage; she is also a patron of the Espigoladors Foundation and has participated in various actions to highlight this global problem; as well as patron of the ASCA Foundation (Solidarity Action against Unemployment). With the arrival of COVID-19 she has initiated the Circular Menu, a project of double social and economic impact that tries to guarantee the right to food of vulnerable people and to reactivate the catering sector.

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