Lourenço Melo

Neighbour of the Raval

Almost three years ago, he moved to Barcelona to continue his studies. Since then, he has completed two master's degrees, the first in International Development and the next in Political Ecology. His academic and non-academic experiences in the city of Barcelona have taught him a lot about social justice and climate issues. As a result, he has been able to focus more on his main areas of interest: the right to the city, the democratisation of urban space and the right to decent housing.

It was these interests that pushed him to actively participate in the neighbourhood's militant spaces: the Antiga Massana and the Agora Juan Andrés Benítez. He is currently working on the Raval Resilient project, in order to expose both the vulnerabilities and the strategies of adaptation to the heat waves of the immigrant community in the neighbourhood.

Lourenço Melo

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