Circular Health: a new model for the future

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Montalegre, 5, 08001 Barcelona

Sat 25 Feb · 17:00 - 18:30
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Since the turn of the millennium we have been experiencing several challenges which concern our  health such as the Covid 19 pandemic. In addition to pandemic and post-pandemic burden, much more is happening, for instance the climate and food crises have been very concerning during 2023. We are observing  the devastating effect of rising temperatures on the health of our oceans, on the loss of biodiversity and on the migration patterns of humans and animals. We are also well aware that the planet’s demographics will require more food to feed a world population expected to reach 9.7bn by 2050 and at the same time we have committed to diminishing greenhouse gas emissions to reduce pollution and CO2 footprint.

The Circular Health approach proposes to use post-Covi-19 renewed health priorities to promote the convergence of health-related activities which can be achieved within the Sustainable Development Goals framework. In this way it will be possible to advance urgent health priorities within an existing framework which aims at sustainability and at advancing health as an essential resource within a closed system, which needs to be regenerated and addressed in its complexity

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