The night - ‘The Eyes of the Eternal Brother’, a dilemma by Stefan Zweig

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Hospital, 56, 08001 Barcelona

Sat 25 Feb · 20:30 - 22:00
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Virata is a famous warrior, known by the name of "Sword of Centelles", who lives in the Birgwaghense lands of King Rajupta. But Virata has the etched memory of his brother's piercing and everlasting gaze, whom he has unknowingly killed on the battlefield. Virata resolves never again to touch weapons or do anything that could take away so much freedom from another person: one's own action can take away another's freedom, and it is never just. This conviction will set him on a long journey in search of justice and freedom, an attempt (perhaps unsuccessful) to live in this world, suspending action and having no effect on the lives of others.

Based on Stefan Zweig's story of the same name and some fragments of his personal memoirs, this great fable deals with life's actions, desire, bonds with other people and, ultimately, survival in a shared world. A dilemma that Zweig poses in a beautiful and almost universal way. Afterwards, the dilemmas posed by the protagonist will be opened up for discussion with members of the audience and put in relation to the science that studies our behaviour in society.

This session is free with exclusive reservation for the City and Science Biennial.

Artistic data

  • Direction: Oriol Broggi
  • Cast: Òscar Muñoz, Xavier Ripoll
  • Music: Marc Serra
  • Production: La Perla 29
Living creativity
City and Science Biennial
On-site activity with registration

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