Final stretch

The six intense days of this third City and Science Biennial come to an end with a final day of morning activities no less interesting than those already experienced. Sunday kicks off with a dramatised reading about the discovery of oxygen, one of the crucial chemical elements for life on Earth. Written in 2001 by the chemists Carl Djerassi and Roald Hoffman, the dramatised reading of the play Oxygen comes to this Biennial at the Residence for Researchers under the direction of Míriam Alamany and performed by herself, Tilda Espluga, Carme González, Carles Martínez, Climent Sensada, Oscar Rabadán and the cello of Pau de Nut.

In parallel, in the Teatre building of the CCCB, there will be a conversation between the digital and ICT policy expert Francesca Bria and the technology journalist Marta Peirano. In Complex lives and digital worlds, both will reflect on the most sophisticated current tools that allow us to study complex systems from other points of view, while opening new doors to their understanding.

And continuing with new technologies and in the context of the data boom we are experiencing, a second session, also at the CCCB, will mix conversation with performance to explore the use of big data to find new solutions for life in cities. The session City science and data will feature Esteban Moro, Pablo Martínez, Olga Subirós, Carme Llasat Botija and Javier Borge Holthoefer, moderated by Josep Perelló.

Also take advantage of the last day of the Biennial to visit the art installations that you have not been able to discover and join the second scientific walk through the Raval, which will depart from the Maritime Museum of Barcelona. Check out the full programme and enjoy the Biennial until the last moment!